2020-2022 SEMINARS

2020-2022 SEMINARS

During the COVID-19 pandemic period: 2020-2022, relevant seminars were held during our national celebration services. This page provides the yearly themes and seminar resources. Video recordings can be found here. For information about job opportunities, click here.

2022: Upward, forward, onward

Energy crisis managementPDF
Basics of personal spiritual growthPDF
Emotional FreedomPDF
Pensions & InsurancesPPT
Living without LimitsPDF

2021: Year Of Elevation and Establishment

COVID-19 vaccination: What Bible believers must knowPDF
Making progress regardless your starting pointPPT
Profitable education without paying (too) muchPDF
Your sleep and your healthPPT
What you must do to be successfulPDF
Finding your way in The NetherlandsPPT
Healthy diet for holy disciplesPPT
Victory over worry and anxietyPDF
Finding a soul-matePDF
Money and marriagePPT
The high-dividend investmentPPT

2020: Year of Spiritual ReproductioN

The believer and public protestsPPT
Organ Donation: Your Personal ChoicePPT
Overcoming The Deception of Free Media DeceptionPDF
God’s provision and preservation in famine and pestilencePPT
Don’t stop; keep learning and growing.

Also, that the soul be without knowledge, it is not good…

Proverbs 19:2 KJV