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College/Campus Corner



The DLCF has a divine mandate and mission to win, build and commission students and staff of institutions of higher learning and fresh graduate volunteers (corps members) schemes to be their best for the Master. It is an inter-denominational fellowship, embracing campus Christian who share the same doctrinal belief irrespective of their denominations and affiliations.

* To lead students, corps members, academic and non-academic staff and other members of the campus community and the society at large to a personal encounter with the Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ through repentance and faith in the vicarious sacrifice He procured at the Cross of Calvary with His blood
* To lead Christian believers into deeper knowledge and Christian experiences with the Lord Jesus Christ. To acquaint students, corps members, and staff with the gracious means of living holy, healthy, happy, balanced and fruitful Christian lives in their environment. To get students, corps members and staff involved in practically fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
* To acquaint students, corps members and staff with basic Bible principles of success, to help them make a habit of succeeding in their academic work, life, career and endeavours.
* Train students, corps members, and staff to become God approved Christian leaders in the Church universal.

The man behind the life in the campus vision.

The history of Deeper Life Campus Fellowship cannot be written without mentioning first and foremost the human agent that God used to start Deeper Christian Life Ministry of which Deeper Life Campus Fellowship is just an arm. He is Pastor Williams Folorunsho Kumuyi. Born in 1941, he graduated from the Nigerian Premier University, University of Ibadan, with a first class honours in Mathematics. That same year of his graduation, he was offered the University Scholarship for Doctorate Degree, which he turned down because he had a greater calling and all of us can bear witness to that fact now that he truly had a greater calling.

It was in 1973, he founded his famous Bible Study group with 15 people which metamorphosed into a Bible church called Deeper Life Bible Church, a mega-church with branches in several countries of Africa, Europe, USA, Asia, Indian Ocean, to mention a few. The seed of the ministry was planted at Block 2, Flat 12, Ransome Kuti Road, University of Lagos.
As a Mathematician, his area of specialization is, “Complex Analysis”. He is still being used by God to solve complex problems in human lives. His ministry is characterized by miracles, signs and wonders. God has used him to heal incurable sicknesses like HIV/AIDS and those healing have been medically attested to. God has used him to melt 27-year old hunchback. God has used him to cure people of cancer. Whatever sickness you can mention that exists on the planet earth, curable and incurable, visible and invisible, complex or real, God has used him to heal them.
The Pastor of the largest single congregation in Africa, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, is one of the most sought after foremost Christian preacher in the world. The emphasis of his ministry is freedom from sin, holiness of life and readiness of believers for the coming of the Lord.

Every builder knows `that a house is only as strong as its foundations and the strength of the materials it is built with Bible Doctrines or Teachings are the foundation and pillars that have enabled the DLCF stand amidst the changing seasons of life.

The DLCF stands against bigotry on the one hand and latitudinarianism on the other. It believes that ‘all scripture is given by the inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness’. The DLCF teaches all the Word of God from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation adding nothing to the word and taking nothing from it.

The DLCF draws a clear distinction between nominal and genuine Christianity and between fanaticism and true worship. DLCF teaches the importance of daily living an overcoming Christian life. The entire Scriptures shall be the only rule for standard of conduct, discipline and government in the fellowship and patter of Christian work. The following constitutes explicitly, the doctrinal stand of the DLCF: Click here for details.

The programmes of the DLCF are calculated to address the total man by meeting his spiritual, physical, mental and social needs. The programmes include:
* Weekly Systematic and Expository Bible Studies. This is the backbone fellowship of Deeper Life Campus Fellowship.
* Weekly Revival Services
* Sunday worship service in campus churches but where there is none yet, members are encouraged to worship in the nearest Deeper Life Bible Church.
* Room Koinonia (Fellowship) meeting in ‘cells’ of 5-10 members to ensure sharing, caring and participation trickles down to every member of the fellowship.
* Prayer meetings, night vigils
* Campus Crusades and Evangelical outreaches
* Special Programmes: Seminars, Symposia on success, careers, marriage, skill acquisition, leadership etc
* Regional, National & international Conferences
The DLCF also places great emphasis in raising leaders and thus organizes extensive leadership training programmes. These programmes include:
* Workers’ Retreat
* Monthly/Quarterly Leadership Development Seminars

The DLCF operates within an intellectual environment characterized by the desire to acquire more knowledge and information. Accordingly, various publications are made available to members of the campus community to provide them with a credible source of information on various issues of importance to life and the hereafter. These publications include:

* Campus Pearl Magazines
* Campus Koinonia Outlines
* How Reliable is the Bible?
* Comics & tracts including Does It Really Matter?, Moth Around the Fire, The Real Truth, It Can Happen Today etc
* Programme booklets for all National/International Conferences
* Women Mirror Magazines
* Life Magazines